Monday, November 30, 2009

No Risk Recruiting

No Risk Recruiting!
Friday, November 27th, 2009 Hi, to get you started the information below reviews the NO Risk recruiting program.

The link below is to a podcast with Craig Lockerd, President of AutoMax reviewing the NO Risk program: – click on “NO Risk Podcast”

NO Risk program – you pay nothing upfront. When class finishes Friday you pay a fee per person selected up to paying for six (6) people, no pressure to take any number of people. At six (6) you pay nothing further no matter how many more people you take AND we stay the following week for four (4) days to provide additional sales training (ask me about the training, you will love it, very likely will produce gross profit). All online advertising and travel expenses are included in this program. GREAT references are available.

The value of this program is the structure, training and development of the salespeople. In addition to teaching salespeople the basic steps of selling, we are very focused on teaching salespeople how to network and develop their personal book of business. When we conduct the second week of training we require each person you select to make a list of 50 to 60 names of the people they know. These people are then contacted through phone, email and snail mail to introduce your new salesperson’s profession and to begin establishing a referral network.

For the 2nd week of the training we require everyone to bring in “customers” who are personally close to them so we can practice the lessons learned during the first week in a non-stressful, open book environment. This is an excellent format that fully develops each salesperson. They really “get it” by the end of the second week. They will have learned to set an appointment, meet and greet their customer, take them through every step of the sale including product presentation, demo, and negotiation of the terms of the sale, through delivery.

The end result very likely will be a sold vehicle, possibly a portion or all of your investment recovered and most certainly significantly better prepared salespeople who are more confident and tend to stick. Remember, you may include any of your existing salespeople in the second week of training for no charge.

AutoMax provides:
• Full online advertising package – no charge (normally $1,500-$2,500)
• All trainer travel expense – no charge (normally $750-$1,000)
• Student tuition reduced from $598 to only $299 – no charge (normally $1,500)
• Newspaper ad – possibly none required (dealer would be responsible for the investment, but there would be no charge to design and place. The newspaper ad investment will be based upon the dealership rate with the paper or ad agency).

Ernie Kasprowicz
General Manager
AutoMax Sales Training & Consulting, LLC.
800-878-5090 (office)
609-432-7309 (cell)
609-601-2288 (fax)

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