Monday, July 26, 2010

Check out my @constantcontact newsletter

Check out my @constantcontact newsletter

It has been said that we all make changes based on two feelings all of us share as human beings: AVOID PAIN and SEEK PLEASURE. PAIN is a strange thing , it seems sometimes we can get comfortable with certain PAIN, a PAIN in the neck {No pun intended}some physical PAIN, broken heart , the PAIN of letting an economic shift put us in survive rather than thrive mode. The PAIN I'm talking about today is the PAIN a lot of us have gotten comfortable with month after month after month....The under performing salesperson, I have had them, thought they were a good hire, trained them, helped them, coached and encouraged them, even liked who they are as people. Month after month they are selling 4,5 or 6 a month, you don't want to cut them loose, at least you know what you got......PAIN and you are comfortable with it!

It's time to avoid that feeling of PAIN. The math is simple, you have 2, 3 maybe 4 of these Painful situations on your floor let's say 2, they average maybe 6 a month? Take those 2 X 6 vehicles X your average gross_____ example $2000 = $24,000 per month $288,000 a year.
SEEK PLEASURE tear off that Band-Aid I know it may hurt for a moment and replace those 2 with 3 "Committed, Well Trained Salespeople, With No Bad Habits" Again the math is simple and these people are going to perform just a tiny bit better just as an example 3 X 8 vehicles X $2100 average gross = $50,400 per month, $604,000 per year...What if you take all those numbers X 2? PLEASURE FOUND! Owners this means bigger boat and or knocking your competition off your street, managers....get paid on % of Gross?

AutoMax has solutions that are PAIN FREE and VERY PLEASURABLE with GUARANTEED RESULTS!
Change is hard and we get it, but who is running your floor, you or "Six Car Sam?"

"A plan is only good if it
Is one that gets recruited;
For good intentions soon will die
Unless they're executed."


Craig Lockerd
AutoMax Recruiting & Training