Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"All Inclusive" Salesperson Recruiting

One of the things we have noticed over the years is that, at times, some very good quality applicants were not graduating our class. By reducing the tuition to only $299 we have been able to retain a key component of our program – commitment on the part of the sales applicant, while at the same time increasing the perceived value of the training. Quality applicants with other options view their investment for the training as a value and not as “paying for a job”. Our graduating class size has increased with more of the best applicants being interviewed by you. Also, because of the internal structure of the “all inclusive” program, the trainer is no longer obligated to share with AutoMax the revenue generated from the students trained. Whether an applicant has all the tuition, some or none of it, they will be welcomed to finish the class; resulting in an increased number of quality applicants.

For the dealership we have been able to incorporate a reduced investment with better results. Under the all inclusive program the dealership is no longer obligated to reimburse tuition after any length of employment. That will not only save money but will also allow you to give a person more time to prove themselves and become a success.

Included in the dealership investment for the all inclusive option is the investment for online advertising as well as money paid to the trainer for travel. Other than what you decide to invest for newsprint advertising, all other costs are covered.

I recommend that you visit our website www.automaxrecruiting.com and view a listing of our trainers. We have a stringent hiring process that includes a thorough independent back ground check. Each trainer has an extensive history of success within an automobile dealership and has earned our trust to represent the best interests of your dealership.

One last item; with the all inclusive program we do include a performance guarantee. Our goal is your 100% satisfaction with your recruiting campaign. If that goal has not been met, here is what we will do. We will, within three weeks of the start day of class, come back and redo the entire effort at 50% off the original Dealer all inclusive investment.

PS. We are an approved vendor for Wonderlic Testing Services. They have developed assessments that will greatly help you in determining an applicant’s true suitability for the sales position you offer. Our authorized significantly discounted rates can help make this tool a valuable part of your hiring procedure.

Ernie Kasprowicz
General Manager
AutoMax Recruiting & Sales Training
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