Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Inside Salesperson Recruiting Info

The information you are about to hear has been gathered from years of experience and data compiled from over 10,000 successful recruiting campaigns all across North America.

AutoMax is North America’s largest recruiter and trainer of inexperienced sales people having recruited and trained in excess of 85,000 salespeople.

We have found that it takes a singleness of purpose and a laser focus to successfully recruit, train and retain top performing salespeople.

Here’s how to do it right!

In today’s competitive job market you will need a bona fide offer to not only attract but to retain your salespeople.

Start them off with a competitive weekly salary for the first four weeks. The average job seeker will relate more to a weekly salary to start as opposed to a monthly draw or commissions.

AutoMax recommends a performance based sign on bonus paid out quarterly during the first year to ensure you retain the salespeople you have just recruited and trained.

One of the questions we ask a dealer client is “Why do you work there”? You need to translate that information into words and get it into your advertisement.

AutoMax suggests using a professional to write and design your ad.

Now, where are you going to advertise?

You have many different advertising resources. Your primary resources, “where people are actively seeking better employment”, are going to be local newspapers and internet job boards like monster, careerbuilder and local job boards. Your secondary resources, “where you attract passive job seekers”, would be radio and television.

If you use print advertising as one of your primary resources you must determine which day is best, typically Sunday, and place an ad that is compelling and jumps off the page.

Online job boards used properly with premium and priority job postings, bolding, highlighting, using upgraded templates and multiple listings such as retail, customer service, sales, automotive, career fair, hospitality, military, insurance, telemarketing, entry level, college grad, airlines, restaurant and food service will attract a higher caliber career minded applicant.

So now the applicants have applied, what are you going to do with them?

It is imperative to designate an employee and have them be responsible to respond to your applicants within 24 hours, initially screen the potential candidate, schedule a professional interview and follow up with reminder notices and phone calls.

Now they have shown up at your dealership. When, where, how and who is going to interview them?

To create urgency limit the number of days you will interview potential job seekers.

Interview potential candidates in a secure, private environment due to the proprietary nature of information shared in a job interview.

Each applicant should be interviewed in the exact same manner with the exact same interview so that you can better compare each candidate’s job compatibility and commitment level.

These applicants must be treated as if they were a customer. They cannot be kept waiting for deals to be worked, trades to be
appraised, etc. They need to be greeted professionally and promptly interviewed.

We believe in using some form of job compatibility testing. Wonderlic Incorporated has an automotive sales person specific test that we recommend as a tool to help in your hiring process. More importantly, it provides information to assist you in mentoring your employee on an ongoing basis.

Now they need some hands on, real world training not done by your average or below salespeople just because they have the time. Who in your dealership is most capable to teach the skill sets necessary to become a successful automobile salesperson?

Make sure whoever you select isn’t jeopardizing vehicle sales and gross profit while being absent from the sales floor during training or use a professional trainer.

AutoMax recommends using your dealerships’ version of the road to a sale in a written curriculum.

The more quality time spent with your new hires initially will establish the foundation for a successful and ongoing career.

Putting into practice all these tips will provide your dealership with the quantitysalespeople you desire.

If you need assistance implementing any or all of these proven techniques please call 800-878-5090. We have turn key solutions available immediately

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