Tuesday, September 22, 2009


There are only seven types of objections that customers can use.
Every objection you hear will be a variation on one of the seven.
Knowing this gives the salesperson a big advantage.

Objections are good. They are a requirement to a successful sale.
In fact, without them, you're likely not engaging your prospects and customers.
But did you know that you have probably already heard the full range of objections customers can use?

There are only seven of them. Every time a customer raises an objection during a sales presentation,
it will be a variation on one of the seven.

It's the introduction of an objection that can spark a flow of information that can help you further qualify
an opportunity and better understand the needs of your prospects. For this reason, you should work to embrace and understand the true objections you might be facing.

When people have an objection to making a purchase, it's one or some combination of the following list. Review them and learn them. When you've hit a wall, check your sales opportunity against them.

The seven objections:

1. The customer doesn't perceive the value of the vehicle being demonstrated.
2. The customer doesn't feel any urgency in filling an emotional need.
3. The customer thinks he can do better at another dealership.
4. The prospect hasn't fully made a commitment to buy a new vehicle.
5. The customer really can't afford the vehicle you have shown him.
6. The prospect isn't the real decision maker.
7. The customer has trouble making decisions and tends to avoid them.

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